Issue 01


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Indigo’s Summer issue, themed 'Movement', is about looking back at our history to charge forward with new narratives. It is about embracing complexity and movement to explore a new cultural space.

By getting together this coming generation of writers and artists, we aim to not only debunk but deliver a contemporary Southeast Asia, as seen through the arts.


> Chinabot: the antidote to Techno-Orientalism // Cường Phạm & Saphy Vong
> IKAT // Amani Azlin
> The dictatorship of the boxes // Rafael Manuel & Camille Mỹ Giang
> 3 Women // Carô Gervay
> Déambuler (To stroll) // Toàn Pham
> The Betrayal and beyond // Kristen Cheung
> Bo & Mei: a story about mixed culture and identity // Camille Mỹ Giang & Camille Liu Nock
> 'Crazy Woman' // Stephanie Chan
> Movement(s) // Tuấn-Minh
> Record, Retrieve, Reactivate // What can An Viet be to me? // Thuỳ Dương V., Samboleap Tol & Will Pham
> 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife // Nuril Basri
> The music collector as curator // Almira Farid
> Ruby Ibarra - rapping from exile // Cường Phạm

Design & art direction: Xuan Phan

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